jProductionCritic is an open-source educational framework for automatically detecting technical recording, editing and mixing problems in audio files. It is intended to be used as a learning and proofreading tool by students and amateur producers, and can also assist teachers as a timesaving tool when grading recordings.

A number of novel error detection algorithms are implemented by jProductionCritic. Problems detected include edit errors, clipping, noise infiltration, poor use of dynamics, poor track balancing, and many others. The error detection algorithms are highly configurable, in order to meet the varying aesthetics of different musical genres (e.g. Baroque vs. noise music). Effective general-purpose default settings were developed based on experiments with a variety of student pieces, and these settings were then validated using a reserved set of student pieces. The settings for each error checking algorithm may be accessed and modified via the jProductionCritic configuration file. Multiple such configuration files may be saved and applied to different kinds of music if desired.

jProductionCritic is also designed to serve as an extensible framework to which new error detection modules can be easily plugged in. In addition, it can be easily integrated with other jMIR applications, or used entirely independently if desired. Like the rest of jMIR, jProductionCritic is open-source and available for free. It is implemented in Java in order to maximize cross-platform utilization.

jProductionCritic may be used via either a command line interface or a GUI. The software also has a well-documented API in order to facilitate the use of jProductionCritic as a library incorporated into other software. The results of error processing may be viewed directly via the jProductionCritic GUI, or may be saved in a variety of formats.

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Many more details on jProductionCritic are available in the jProductionCritic Manual.

Related Publications

McKay, C. 2013. jProductionCritic: An educational tool for detecting technical errors in audio mixes. Proceedings of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference. 71–6.

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